Publisher’s Pen

by Terri D. Sanders
TerriDSanders TerriDSanders

COVID…need I say anymore…it is still with us.

I have had several experiences in and about our community that I want to share. This week I was a proponent for LB455 and testified before the education committee. This bill is in support of a grant to distribute reading materials/newspapers statewide to elementary aged school children. Not being an educator, I was surprised to learn that some students do not have the skill set to know to turn the page when reading because in this day and age everything is digital. No need to turn a page when you can scroll to get information, no book necessary. When I understood the magnitude of this statement I was saddened. Our children are so technology bound it is not common sense good. Think about this. If you have children in your lives, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give them a book to read and have them to read to you and/or you read with them. As the saying goes, reading is fundamental. While it seems “old school” it is vital in our society.

Opera Omaha welcomes to our city Allison Swenson, General Director of the company. She brings with her a wealth of experiences that is sure to benefit our local opera company. If you have not ever attended an opera, try it you might like it…Welcome Allison to Omaha!

On Monday I will be part of a Community Conversation between friends: Rekindling Black-Jewish Allyship. with the Jewish Community (see page 8 advertisement). Hope you can join us. Did you know that in the 1940’s and 1950’s North 24th Street was predominately Jewish economic area? Join us for this in person conversation.